Drifting AND Burnouts at WADRIFT Round 2 !

Burnouts and Drifting at WADRIFT round 2!

Saturday the 11th of December was the running of Round 2 of the WADRIFT Championship for 2010/2011 ,
this round saw around 32 drivers in different classes batteling it out for points on the WADRIFT champisonship table.
Taking out this round for 16A drift table was 1st place Adam Trewhella , 2nd place Nicolas Van Geest and 3rd Place Dayy Vahoumis,
Drift Table 16b Saw First place going to Harry buck , 2nd to Craig Banfield and taking out 3rd spot was Ryan Kenworthy.
This event was the last for 2010 with the next Drift Round taking place on the 30th of Janurary 2011.
We Captured a selection of shots throughout the day including a first for a WADRIFT round , BURNOUTS!!!!! Yes you heard right! ,
a selection of vehicles entered a lunch time burnout session where some very killer skids took place .
We also took some time out to shoot some portrait shots with the Autotrader Promo Girls.