Fully Automotive is one of Perth’s leading suppliers to the Drag,drift and burnout community

over the years some questions have arisen about pricing , using and licensing of our images , so heres all the info you need to know about Fully Automotives media

Gallery links –

New gallery – http://fullyautophoto.com

This season – photoshop2.fullyautomotive.com

Last season – photoshop.fullyautomotive.com

All purchases from any of our galleries are for Personal use only (facebook personal profiles etc)

if you wish to use ANY of our images for media purposes E.G In print ( magazine,article flyers ) promotional ( print,posters,shirts etc) or website , please purchase a MEDIA LICENCE COPY

Option 1)

Media Use – Licenced But Watermarked or Credit   – $100
Terms :  Full Licence to use in media , I.E Books , magazines , public printed media
this price option is for a watermarked image ( our website logo and address )
full credit in the article or media ( Example : Photo: Fullyautomotive.com )

Option 2)

Media Use – Full Licence Non-Watermarked – $150
Terms : Media Use –  Full Licence to use in media , I.E Books , magazines , public printed media

if we discover a photo has been used without the appropriate license , we will be forced to seek reimbursement


Upgrade options.

If you purchase any digital copy of an image , you are entitled to a upgrade to a larger size by paying the difference within the first 6 months of purchase , this includes media license copies

I.E : you purchase a facebook size copy and later want to print it larger scale – pay the difference ( $15 off the the next size up )

click here to contact us regarding a upgrade


Free facebook copy – digital images.

*** free facebook copies now longer available on our new gallery ***

if you purchase any digital image using payment with a credit card using paypal or a paypal purchase , once our system verifies your payment has been processed , you may visit your order via the email we send you and download a 800×600 sized copy of your requested image straight away

if you purchased a larger size , we will send you your full sized image within 24 hours after payment

offer does not include payments made by direct deposit


More download terms can be found HERE  And our website disclaimer and privacy policy can be found here


Photoshoots and photo sessions –

you can book a photoshoot of your car, drag car , motorbike etc aswell as product and portrait shoots of automotive and non automotive items/topics at Autolife Perth ( our sister site )

click here to visit autolife perth


curious on how big our prints are from inches to paper sizes ? ( A1,A2,A3,A4 etc )

Paper sizes and coversions –


Print prices and shipping explained

print prices change as our vendor changes , currently we use 2 photolabs for our printing , one of which charges SHIPPING to us , so we have to include all costs in your purchase

A print price ( mounted or not ) takes into consideration our time taken to shoot the image , process, host , edit , send and get your image printed

shipping prices include our time to drive to the lab , pick up your print/mount , and post/deliver it to you

if you prefer to not pay for shipping , a pickup can be made at any major Motorsport venue , or our residence.

Check out our Budget printing options now available in the product listings on our photoshop!


what is a digital image file
these are files in the JPEG format , which can be viewed on a PC or Phone , as apposed to Prints , which are printed on photo paper etc

What is a print

A print is a hard copy of your image , printed by a photolab onto glossy or matte paper , these are NOT mounted onto anything , they are just like a photo you’d get printed from your own camera

please ask us if you wish to get a print mounted onto something like MDF , iron , glass or frame etc