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About the Founder – Ryan Annear


Ryan is the face of Fully Automotive , he is a self funded Freelance photographer , mainly focusing on motor sports and events photography.

You will find him out and about at local car shows , burnout competitions , bikini comps and motoring events throughout the motor sport season aswell as attending a few country events such as the annual Narrogin Revheads car show which he has attended for several years straight.

Some of his regular gigs include Whoop ass Wednesdays and most major/minor meetings at the Perth motorplex aswell as an official photographer for the WA Drifting scene at Wanneroo raceway

Ryan is also a avid film maker , having just released his first successful mass produced DVD production , the Collie Drift Assault 2 DVD and has been requested to produce a 2nd and 3rd production at the next Collie Drift Events

Amongst other things Ryan Enjoys cruising around in his EB XR8 and EL XR6 ‘Faker’ and attending local car cruises where he practices his nighttime and low light photography, Is a keen weather watcher and hosts/runs several websites including Fully Automotive

Ryan Currently Shoots with Canon DSLR equipment

Fully Automotive is now solely ran by Ryan and he is the owner and major contributor to Autolife perth , a car scene and events promotions website

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About Fully Automotive

Fully Automotive provides the automotive community photography of automotive events and shows , sidelining some of W.A’s most adrenaline pumping events and displays of horsepower .We are Freelance photographers , not professionals , and even know we aren’t pro’s , we still produce quality work and take pride in capturing the best image possible for our clients using some of the worlds best brands of photography gear

We Endeavor to capture those vehicle lifting , fire shooting , exploding , rubber burning moments and recreating them in a online showcase for you to remember forever .

Fully Automotive also prints and mounts any image we capture using various photo laboratories around Australia , you can purchase digital copies , blockmounts , framed prints , standard prints and various other specialty items straight from our photo gallery and online shop.

Fully Automotive is currently accredited with some of Perth’s prime automotive complex’s and provides our photography for use on online web publications and magazines , we also sell our work through several websites for the public to purchase and print at home.

Although Fully Automotives main focus is Motor sports , we do shoot other types of photography , such as bands , races , water related events and photo shoots for business products or personal items / cars / animals etc
We also are qualified in video work , filming and producing and DVD Shows , we have to date produced and marketed 2 DVD’s so far which all have been a huge success.

Fully Automotive is available for hire by the general public to provide your event or gathering with quality work . After the event has finished , we will provide you high resolution copies of all images captured at your event within days and also produce these in our photo galleries for entrants or visitors to buy off us , all we ask are some simple requests such as entry and access to all areas , but this can be discussed at the time of inquiry

If you require reliable photographers to shoot your next event , look no further then Fully Automotive

Histroy of Fully Automotive ?

Fully Automotive was back in early 2000 a multi manufacture based car club created by Ryan Annear , it was created after "The Australian Mitsubishi project” web community , based on Australian mitsubishi cars mainly focusing on the Sigma and scorpion range , was made defunct due to Ryan leaving the Mitsubishi scene

Fully Automotive from 2000 to 2008 held monthly car club meetings/runs and joined the ranks of one of the longest running car clubs in Perth , meeting at Captain munchies carpark in Fremantle then moving to Leach Highway Myree after the munchies carparks were locked down due to hoon abuse , from there we would follow a map of instructions to various locations , socialzing and showing off our rides , much like todays car clubs but with a lot less hoon behavior and idiots.

After the introduction of the "hoon law” in Western Australia , many car enthusiast clubs shut down and the ones remaining struggled to keep attendance numbers high due to fear of being targeted by law , Fully Automotive decided it was in its best interest to cease there monthly cruise schedule and only hold one rally once a year ” the fully automotive hamburger run ” which still happens to this day.

in 2009 Fully Automotive re-modeld its core interest to events reporting and photography of these events , thrus dropping the "car club” identity and becoming just  Fully Automotive. In 2010 Fully Automotive redesigned its webfront and opened its first online photo shop , became a trading business and began shooting at some of perths major motorsporting complexes with the help of Circlework sports media . in 2011 Fully Automotive went out on its own , shooting soley for Fully Automotive as freelance motorsport photographers

In April 2011 , Fully Automotive moved all its events reporting to a new service called ” Autolife Perth ” and became a sole Freelance events photography presence  ,  Autolife Perth and Fully Automotive work in conjunction but provide the automotive scene 2 different services leaving Fully Automotive to deal with events photography for sale to customers and media.

Want to Hire us?

You can hire us to shoot your event , being a wedding , party , gathering , carshow , bikini comp , car wash … whatever it is we can help you.

if you hire us on a paid term … you will receive all the photos taken at the event and your event will be placed as a priority attended event …. terms and payment prices are by inquiry so contact us today.

if you request us to come as a freelance photographer , we will try and book your event but it will not be as  priority as a paid contract , photos will be online only with watermarks and you must pay ‘per photo’ like the rest of our gallery listed items , we sell images to recoup costs of travel and equipment so this is necessary for our business to survive!

with both above methods , we will be requiring all areas access , entry into the venue or place of shoot and access to power if needed … this will give us the best possible position to shoot your event

Want to promote your event?

Visit Autolife Perth ( autolifeperth.com) , perths #1 automotive resource site , you can submit your event and get instant promotion via 100+visitors a day

we can also try and get your event covered in some of W.A’s automotive magazines on completion of the event..contact us to discuss these options

Magazine editors

we can provide any of our photographs to you at a fair cost , either per photo or full DVD packages  , contact us today to discuss our rates
smaller events (whoop ass Wednesdays , Fast fridays , carshows , small burnout comps etc ) – we can provide a 2500pixle copy of any photo straight away
larger events (powercruise, motorvation , revheads etc ) – we can provide the same as above within 8 hours

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