Our new partner site – Autolife

Now were not usually one for showing off new websites etc but since this our own , im making an exception 🙂

‘Autolife ‘ is a new resource site built by us here at Fully Automotive and was launched 1st April 2011
it’s planis to take over Events and cruise posting from Fully Automotive in the future
( Fully Automotive will remain a photography and event coverage site )

the site features a media rich theme to it which showcases the perth automotive community as a whole
not just little sections of it , anything and everything related to Automotive will and can be seen on this new site

the main goal is to become a popular automotive resource site which relies heavyly on  ‘user submission’
Visitors can add events and cruises to its database very easyly aswell as submit content , articles , videos and even add to a
public photo gallery

one great advantage with this site is that it ties into Facebook and twitter … user comments are fed from one to another and visitors can post articles on there own facebook page or ‘ like ‘ a page and support the site

the site features a music player on the main page which can be enabled and will play a variery of tunes from new to old

the site is @ http://autolifeperth.com/ , go check it out and see what its all about


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