Horror story

even though we are ‘fully automotive’ we do get out and about every so often and do non automotive stuff … a group of friends with cameras called ‘ Pizza and pixels ‘ ( we usually go out and eat pizza and dribble about cars/cameras ) that we are a part of decided to go up to Northam one weekend to another p&p followers house , 50 acres of beauty is what we were greeted with and of course we did some photowork . in the morning we also decided to complete a part of our horror shoot

also while we were there we also did some practice shots of landscape and automotive using various lights and flashes …






20140518-fackbook_UL_3877 20140518-fackbook_UL_3859 20140517-fackbook_UL_3811 20140517-fackbook_UL_3785 20140517-fackbook_UL_3774 20140517-fackbook_UL_3769 20140517-fackbook_UL_3740