Horror story

even though we are ‘fully automotive’ we do get out and about every so often and do non automotive stuff … a group of friends with cameras called ‘ Pizza and pixels ‘ ( we usually go out and eat pizza and dribble about cars/cameras ) that we are a part of decided to go up to Northam one weekend … Continued

Fast Racing Series final – 3rd May 2014

it was wheels up Saturday at the finals of the Fast series drag racing on Saturday night , we covered the qualifying part of the night and the photos can be seen on Fully Automotive photoshop … enjoy ! click here to see the gallery  

Muscle and chrome Nostalgia drags – 4th may 2014

Another installment of the Nostagia drag racing series was held today at the Perth Motorplex , the weather wasnt looking too crash hot but surprisingly it didnt rain ! … a wide variety of cars ran down the strip aswell as a selection parked up in the show and shine check out the photos by clicking here Drive safe!