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Please read these terms and conditions (the "Online Purchasing Policyā€¯) carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law and set out the terms on which Fully Automotive makes the products available to you through this Website.


1.1 The technical steps which take place when an order is considered are listed below...

(a) After you have finished selecting your images using the 'add to cart' Button you can review your purchase using our checkout system

(b) after reviewing your intended order and making any final adjustments , pressing the proceed to checkout button initiates a final check of your order

(c) after pressing the confirm order button , both yourself and fully automotive will receive notification of your intent to purchase images , this does NOT form a contract of purchase , but merely informs us an intent to purchase images has been made by you

We will then await payment to be confirmed

(e) Once payment is confirmed and we have received your funds , this forms a commitment on our behalf to supply you your intended order , We will send you an order acknowledgement email detailing the images you have ordered or links to download your photos

once you have your images you have committed to buying and a contract is formed between you and Fully Automotive


2.1 The prices payable for the images that you order are clearly set out in the Website. If, by mistake, the price which appears on the Website is not the correct price for a particular product, we will supply that product to you at the stated price, and amend the pricing for future purchases.

2.2 All prices stated on the Website are in Australian Dollars

2.3 All prices conform to a general standard of service , they are regulated by comparison to competitors and we believe are fair , if you feel the price is too high for the services we are providing , contact us and we will be happy to discuss it with you


3.1 The purchase of images displayed on the Website are subject to availability and we will happily refund the full purchase price in the event of the requested order cannot be met.


4.1 The total cost of your order is the price of the products ordered indicated at the time that you place your order.

4.2 Payment can be made by any of the following methods accepted by our payment provider PAYPAL , this usually includes Credit cards and direct deposits

4.3 Credit/debit card payment will be processed at the time that you place your order by PAYPAL and not by Fully Automotive

4.4 All card payments are processed by PAYPAL for a commission fee which is included in the cost of your purchase.

4.5 NO credit card details are stored on Fully Automotives Website , Paypal is our processing provider , please review there privacy statements on there policies and procedures or if you have a complaint regarding payment procedures


5.1 All Images are DIGITAL DOWNLOADS and Delivery will be via a URL link or CD at the time of ordering

5.2 Delivery will be by Australia post if a CD copy is ordered . Delivery of ordered products will usually be effected within 3 working days of the date of the order confirmation email. We shall not be liable to you for any loss resulting from delay in delivery to you.

5.3 The delivery charge applicable to your order will be indicated at the time that you are asked to confirm your order.


6.1 You have the right to cancel your order up to 7 working days after the date of order of the products by contacting us via email

6.2 If images have already been dispatched to you before you notify us that you wish to cancel the order, we may refuse a refund , as loss of product will now occur .


8.1 This Online Purchasing Policy incorporates the terms set out in the Legal Notices and acceptance by you of the Online Purchasing Policy shall be deemed to be an acceptance by you of the Legal Notices.

For info concerning privacy , use of your information and other policies please see our disclaimer via the link located at the very bottom of this website

9. Use of photos

9.1 All photos shown are the property of Fully Automotive W.A and Fully Automotive is the Licence holders of all images until released.

9.2 ALL photos purchased on Fully Automotive are for PRIVATE USE ONLY , and may not be used in media , print , for financial gain ,or in competitions or photo contents without purchasing licencing for that image

9.3 Failure to purchase a media licence will resault in actions against the offending party weather that be of legal nature or purchasing

9.4 if you wish to use a watermarked image in media , you can seek written permission from Fully Automotive , . all markings must remain intact and not cropped , we will inform you of our decision

9.5 Apon purchasing images from this shop , you have reviewed the quality of the images and once paid for no refunds will be issued 

if image quality is not as expected please contact us within 10 days of sale , We will review the image and if we are at fault we will arrange alternative imagery or store credit
9.6 Removing our watermarking from a photo without purchasing constitutes stealing , we will claim damages by way or reimbursement or take legal action

10. Our use of photos

10.1 All photos displayed on the website are legal ... we are accredited at 99% of the venues these are taken at , we will not show anything that is deemed illegal or infamotory

10.2 Photos of a 'personal' nature I.E Girls in bikini comps , promotional use girls , competitions , reversing gear at drag events and models are shown by terms and conditions of the venue , requests for removal of a personal photo should be made using the ' contact us ' link , we will then review the policies of the venue and our rights to use the image you are enquiring about and inform you weather or not we will action your requests

10.3 if you purchase a image of a ' personal ' exibit . you must have a signed release form from the model or 'person' in question if you intend to use the purchase for a 'Commercial' or 'Media' nature before we allow your download , we still may seek permission from the model either way

10.4 Removal of a photo of a vehicle or competitor will be reviewed under the same methods

10.5 You may need to sign a " Removal of media ' Form on our request

10.6 removal of your images will be reviewed as quick as practical , temp removal may take place but if we are permitted to display the requested photo , it will be re-activated

If all else fails and you wish to confirm any enquiries , please click the ' Click here to contact us ' link