Our mission

Photography is a cut throat business and if you are in the industry , you know just how hard it can be to make a living from it.
When most people see an image , they just see the image , not how it was created , captured and made. Amateurs to professionals all use the same equipment , some more expensive then others  ,  photography is an art , but some one us need the right gear and that comes at a price.
When you see an image on here , not only has it been captured , most of the time editing processes go into that image which can take minutes to hours , especially if there are over 1000 of those images that need little tweaks here and there.
So next time you see an image and think " why should i pay for that " , think about the person who took that image , the equipment they have had to purchase to take that image , the time they then spend at the track or event to capture the image , there skills and knowledge , there time to edit the image and add there personal touch it and then some of us have to pay for insurances like personal accident income protection incase we get hurt taking those photos , public liability insurance and of course insurance to protect our equipment incase of theft or damage . Yeah , most photographers dont even make enough from sales to cover all these costs , so every little bit helps when we get to sell a image , yes we do it because we love it , and its fun , but sometimes its nice to make a little bit back to cover our expenses :)
Fully Automotive gives photographers the chance to showcase there work and if they want , provide sales to clients and customers via a no fuss and easy front end.
if you have ever tried to manage an online shop , its not easy sometimes , so why and beat them when you can join them!